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The blue portion of the plan above indicates the part of the ceiling that is shown in the photograph. The ceiling is 132 feet by 46 feet, roughly the size of two and a half tennis courts. Michelangelo painted over 282 figures on the ceiling (not including the lunettes). All of this took him four years and five months, or Sistine to paint. roughly 1,600 days. Lunettes are semicircular paintings. There are fourteen lunettes in the Sistine Chapel. Michelangelo filled them with pictures of the Ancestors The two characters below are from the lunette called Zorobabel, of Christ.

So you see that the restorers of the Sistine Chapel ceiling haven't removed any of Michelangelo's work. Michelangelo learned a lot about fresco technique as he went along. In some of the first scenes he painted, the paint didn't stick to the ceiling. If the plaster is too wet when the paint is applied, the colors will just drip in a mess. If the plaster mix with the lime and isn't is it too down the wall dry, the paint will crack. If won't the plaster quite right, the paint will grow moldy. Michelangelo had a lot of problems to overcome.

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