A History of Marxist-Leninist Atheism and Soviet by Dimitry Pospielovsky

By Dimitry Pospielovsky

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At the [next] party congress a secret session should be organized jointly with leading members of the GPU, the Commissariat ofJustice, and the Revolutionary Tribunal. A secret decision 36 Marxist-Leninist Atheism of the Congress should approve a mercilessly decisive confiscation of church valuables. The more members of the reactionary bourgeoisie we manage to shoot, the better. It is precisely now that we must give such a lesson to these characters that they would not dare to think of any resistance for at least the next few decades ....

Up to now we have been relying on the reader's intuitive understanding of the notion of world-view. It is appropriate at this point to introduce some conceptual clarifications and show explicidy why materialism is in principle incompatible with religion. Any world-view, the Marxist-Leninist one included, can be analyzed as a system of ideas, beliefs and tacit assumptions about the nature of reality. The elements of the world-view have for man the status of firm convictions. They are perceived as the truth about the world.

Resistance to the confiscation of church valuables ... here our enemy is committing a great error trying to involve us in a decisive struggle precisely when it would be particularly hopeless and unprofitable for them. Contrarywise, for us this is not only exceptionally beneficial but the only moment when we are given 99 out of 100 chances to gain a full and crushing victory over our enemy and assure for ourselves the necessary positions for decades ahead. It is precisely now and only now, when there is cannibalism in the famine stricken areas and hundreds if not thousands of corpses are lying along the roads, that we can (and therefore must) carry out the confiscation of valuables with fanatical and merciless energy and not hesitate to suppress any form of resistance.

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