A Quick Guide to Welding and Weld Inspection by S E Hughes

By S E Hughes

A concise and obtainable advisor to the information required to fulfil the position of a welding inspector. In overlaying either eu and US-based codes, the ebook provides these wishing to realize certification in welding inspection a uncomplicated all-round knowing of the most topic matter.

  • A concise and available consultant to the information required to fulfil the function of a welding inspector
  • Covers either eu and US-based codes
  • Gives these wishing to achieve certification in welding inspection a simple all-round realizing of the most topic matter

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Thermal expansion and conductivity of a duplex stainless steel are between that of carbon steel and austenitic stainless steel. The operating temperature is normally kept below 300 8C to avoid a degradation mechanism called ‘475 8C embrittlement’. Typical defects . The problems most typical of duplex stainless steels are associated with the heat affected zone (HAZ) rather than the weld metal. The HAZ can suffer from: ○ loss of corrosion resistance; ○ loss of toughness; ○ post-weld cracking. The duplex structure is very sensitive to contaminants, particularly moisture.

The recrystallisation temperature and time held at temperature will be dependent on the carbon content of the steel. Annealing generally puts a metal, or alloy, into its most ductile condition. 3d Page 45 of 48 A Quick Guide to Welding and Weld Inspection means a reduction in toughness with low impact strength. The lower critical temperature (LCT) is the temperature below which the austenite forms into ferrite and cementite. Normalising When an annealed part is removed from the furnace and allowed to cool in air, it is called ‘normalising’.

Ageing a ‘solutionised’ metal will allow the alloying elements to diffuse through the microstructure and form intermetallic particles, which fall out of solution and increase the strength of the alloy. Alloys may age naturally at room temperature, or artificially at elevated temperatures. Some naturally ageing alloys can be prevented from age hardening until needed by storing at subzero temperatures. Precipitation hardening alloys include 2000, 6000 and 7000 series aluminium alloys, some superalloys and some stainless steels.

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