A Theory of Truces by Nir Eisikovits (auth.)

By Nir Eisikovits (auth.)

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17 Paradigmatic examples of rotten compromises include the Great Compromise, which allowed for the creation of the American union at the expense of African slaves, and Operation Keelhaul, in which Western powers facilitated the return of Soviet nationals (prisoners of war and others) after World War II to the horrors that awaited them under Stalin, in order to placate the Soviet leader. Both compromises were made at the expense of unknowing third parties who were subjected to terrible consequences as a result.

Five years is a long time. Maybe the dog will die, maybe the tyrant will die, or maybe the Messiah will come. ” Truce thinking emphasizes immediate benefits – temporary relief, rest, quiet, over more abstract considerations regarding the rights of the parties, mutual acknowledgment, and settling questions about distributive justice. More precisely, truce thinking suggests that it is worthwhile to pursue immediate benefits even when we have no idea if the more permanent concerns can be addressed.

Such an agreement serves to improve their situation in that context, to create a channel of communication that may be used for further acts of “thawing” and it demonstrates to the parties involved that they are capable of constructive interaction. The legal scholar Gabriella Blum has made a similar claim in her recent book Islands of Agreement. 3 Irreconcilable enemies don’t have to fight It is possible to avert war with those who will not make peace with us. Israel and the Hamas are genuinely irreconcilable.

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