Acid Base indicators by I.M. Kolthoff

By I.M. Kolthoff

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8 S. P. L. Walker and Aston: J. Chem. , 67, 576 (1895). Sorensen and Coworkers: Compt. rend. trav. lab. Carlsberg, 12 (1917) AMPHOTERIC SUBSTANCES 35 K 5 a is more than 10 times greater very small and rJian Kb, so that J*>[A] <3C w <5C [A], the ampholyte behaves a monobasic acid. as Conversely, the ampholyte may practically be regarded as a monoacid base when Kb exceeds a to the same (c) If c is X K K extent. ILLUSTRATIONS. 2 X first [A+] + , 2 . 4 yield: 10-7 , 10-7 , 10-7 10~ 12 . c. 3 X 10- 4 6 In this instance it is evident that the be neglected in comparison with c = 10~ 14 , c = 10~2 .

Conversely, in a solution of a salt of a strong base and weak acid, the hydroxyl ion exponent at 100 is likewise lowered to the same extent. In solutions of salts of the weak acid-weak base type, both pH and pOH diminish equally with increasing temperature. 7. The reaction in a mixture weak base and its salt. of a weak acid and its salt, or a Buffer mixtures or regulators. A weak acid is split only partially into ions. In the presence of one of its salts, the dissociation of the acid is repressed still further by the common ion.

29) 7^- and rr **-w hydr. (29) /V HA Thus the hydrolysis constants are inversely proportional to the dissociation constants of the acid or base. An aqueous solution of a salt of the weak acid-weak base type, for which KHA is much larger than XBOH, should sbow an acid reaction. We can not conclude, however, that [H+ ] = [BOH] as equation (25) would indicate, because most of the hydrogen ions unite with A~ ions to form HA. It is only when the hydro- gen ion concentration does not deviate when it does not exceed 10~~ 6 that we , = [HA].

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