Aida by Burton D. Fisher

By Burton D. Fisher

Entire LIBRETTO of Verdi's AIDA, that includes a brand new TRANSLATION, and song spotlight examples.

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Amneris: Are you Insane, you want to die? Radames: Pronto a morir son già! Radames: I am already ready to die! Amneris: Chi ti salva, sciagurato, dalla sorte che t’aspetta? In furore hai tu cangiato un amor ch’egual non ha. De’ miei pianti la vendetta ora il ciel si compirà. Amneris: Who will save you, o wretch, from the fate that awaits you? In a fury you have changed a love that has no equal. Heaven will now exact revenge for my tears. Radames: È la morte un ben supremo. Se per lei morir m‘e dato nel subir l’estremo fato gaudi immensi il cor avrà.

D’Amneris sposo... Aida: The rites of another love awaits you. You are Amneris’s spouse. Radames: Che parli mai? Te sola, Aida, te deggia amar. Gli Dei m’ascoltano, tu mia sarai. Radames: What did you say? It is you alone, Aida, whom I love. The gods have listened, and you will be mine. Aida: D’uno spergiuro non ti macchiar! Prode t’amai, non t’amerei spergiuro. Aida: Do not stain yourself by lying! I loved you proudly, and swore my love. Radames: Dell’amor mio dubiti, Aida? Radames: Do you doubt my love, Aida?

Amneris: But, if I save you, swear to me that you will never see her again. Radames: Nol posso! Radames: I cannot! Amneris: A lei rinunzia per sempre... e tu vivrai! Amneris: Renounce her forever........ and you will live! Radames: Nol posso! Radames: I cannot! Amneris: Ancor una volta. A lei rinunzia. Amneris: Again, renounce her. Radames: È vano. Radames: It is in vain. Amneris: Morir vuoi dunque, insano? Amneris: Are you Insane, you want to die? Radames: Pronto a morir son già! Radames: I am already ready to die!

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