Animals in China: Law and Society by Deborah Cao

By Deborah Cao

Simply as China is termed the realm manufacturing facility for synthetic items, it's also a global manufacturing unit for synthetic animal cruelty in a brand new phenomenon of globalized animal cruelty. Animals in China examines animal safeguard in China in its criminal, social and cultural contexts.

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341 of Criminal Law). These are outlined below in terms of the key elements of the offences: the definition of wildlife and the various illegal acts. To begin with, what may be deemed wildlife for the purpose of the offence against wildlife? First, the SPC, the highest court in China, provided a legal definition for the term zhengui dongwu (rare and valuable animals). The SPC pronounced in its Interpretation on the Application of Law in Smuggling Cases (2000) that the term ‘rare and valuable animals’ referred to in Article 151 of the Criminal Law (1997) includes wildlife in Class I and Class II state-protection categories as listed in the Wildlife List of Special State Protection and such wildlife raised and bred and wildlife listed in the CITES appendixes I and II and such wildlife raised and bred.

77 Furthermore, the codes dealt with various matters from the point of view of the emperor, and they dealt with matters deemed to be significant to the activities of the government and emperors. Therefore, it would be overstating the case to interpret the provisions on animal protection in the codes as an indication of primary concern for animals by the code drafters or imperial governments. Nevertheless, the fact that they do indicate is that animals such as horses and cattle were regarded as very important and valuable resources and property of the government and the emperors and as important to governing the country.

The government officials who took such animals had to look after and treat them in accordance with the relevant rules. 1. 73 If the ulcer is of five ts’un or more, the punishment is fifty blows with the light stick. 74 Lastly, the illegal killing of government and private horses and cattle was punishable with a criminal penalty: Article 203. 1a. All cases of intentionally killing government or private horses or cattle are punished by one and one-half years of penal servitude. 1b. , the value of the animal] is heavier, or if other domestic animals are killed, then the lost value of the animal is calculated and punished as comparable to robbery.

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