Anton Pannekoek and the Socialism of Workers’ Self by John P. Gerber

By John P. Gerber

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To the extent that socialism implies the further growth of productive forces , it also implies a corresponding g rowth of science. The science and technology of the hypothetical socialist fu ture - no matter how altered - can only be based on all previous scientific and social accomplishments. ekoek's Conception of Historical Materialism Pannekoek's synthesis of Marx and Dietzgen provided him with the intellec­ tual tools to develop a conception of Marxism which was unique on the the­ oretical spectru m of the Second International.

43 Pannekoek attributed the fact that Marxism had become identified with a theory o f physical materialism to a fundamental misinterpretation of Marx's 24 PANNEKOEK'S METHODOLOGY doctrines. What w a s most critical for Marx, he felt, w a s n o t the division between matter and spirit, but that between reality and fantasy. 44 Probing further into the scientific character of Marxism, Pannekoek moved to a specific examination of the nature of laws and predictions in Marxism . Pannekoek took the position that all science consists of doctrines and hypotheses which rest on differing degrees of certainty.

An equally important source of influence on her socialism came from William Morris, whom her husband had known, and whose work she began to translate. From Morris, she acquired the vision of a world organized on the basis of human fellowship and fulfillment in creative labor. For Roland Holst, socialis m signified a ' re-unification of the ideal and social reality', the coming of a new era in which ' thought, contemplation, action, and life are brought to unity in the existence of the individual' through a new organizing principle of society.

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