Aphrodite and Venus in Myth and Mimesis by Nora Clark

By Nora Clark

Aphrodite and Venus in fantasy and Mimesis is a extensive, versatile resource e-book of comparative literature and cultural stories. It promotes the wide-ranging presence and effect of renowned idiosyncratic personalities in fabled goddess mythology and its emphatic notions of endearment and attract. The booklet brings jointly seven-hundred said assets drawn from successive ancient, worldwide and literary eras, together with primary commentaries, in addition to real info and demanding renditions in artwork, prose and verse, inside and past mainstream western tradition. A long, specified creation offers a copious documented preview of the doable version and mimesis of 'divine' characterization and its respective centrality from the lengthy far-off earlier to the current day. delusion, not often latent, demonstrates assorted modes of expression and open-ended flexibility in the course of the six finished chapters which remove darkness from and probe, in flip, elements of the ideological presence, sensibilities, trials and triumphs and interventions of the goddess, even if sacred or profane. specific literary extracts and episodes variety throughout historic cultures along really fresh expressions of hermeneutics, mixing fantasy with the modern within the multi-layered reception or admonishment of the goddess, even if by way of one designation or the opposite. As such, this e-book is totally appropriate to all levels of the evolution and enlargement of a dynamic ecu literary tradition and its top authors and personalities.

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There is, too, another marvellous portent in the region of the Byblians. A river, flowing from mount Libanus, discharges itself into the sea: this river bears the name of Adonis. Every year regularly it is tinged with blood … Their story is that during these days Adonis is wounded, and that the river’s nature is changed by the blood which flows into its waters; and that it takes its name from this blood. 9. I went up also from Byblos into the Libanus, a single day’s journey, as I had heard that there was an ancient temple of Aphrodite there founded by Cinyras.

47 Herodotus, The Histories, 50. 26 Chapter One [“Purifications”]. The exquisite commentary of Classicist M. R. Wright includes fragments from Simplicius and others to throw light on missing segments. Empedocles’s hypothesis of the divinity of the four elements of all matter—earth, air, fire and water—supported his belief in transmigration. This allegedly prompted, again legend has it, his fatal experiment in a test of god-like potential when he dived into the crater of Mount Etna; other versions see him surviving to old age.

Hermione’s destiny was to be changed into a serpent with her husband Cadmus and to reside in the Elysian Fields. 35 Cupid usually appeared as a winged infant, with a bow and a quiver full of arrows, and indulged in childish open-air games like deflecting Zeus’s thunderbolts, or riding on lions. 36 Overall, as the embodiment and force of Love, he was dynamic enough in his many spheres of heaven, earth, the seas and the underworld, and rather more complex than those playful Cupid figures often extolled in art.

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