Armageddon Sky (Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Day of Honor, by L. A. Graf

By L. A. Graf

Worf and the team of the Defiant locate themselves trapped on an alien international threatened by means of an international cataclysm, whereas Captain Sisko needs to continue tensions on Deep house 9 from erupting into conflict. Original."

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Kira asked. " Sisko made an impatient gesture with his hands. "Maybe. But I can't see any tactical advantage to this. " "That is because it is not honorable to wage war on a weakened enemy," Worf said stiffly. " O'Brien raised his eyebrows toward Dax, and she rewarded him with an amused smile. "That's a prejudice that's cost them a lot of battles in the past," she assured him. The bridge doors hissed apart before Worf could do more than glower at her joke. Bashir and Odo came through them together, the doctor glancing curiously up at the viewscreen while the security officer went to join Kira at the weapons station.

But the words popped out as though tumbling directly off her thoughts. completing her observation, whether Worf would appreciate it or not. "The people here--they're not even seeing you. " She lifted one shoulder in a somewhat apologetic shrug, even though she wasn't sure what she herself had to apologize for. " Worf gave her a sharp frown, as if her words had translated into a threat rather than the friendly advice she'd intended. More proof that Kira still didn't understand Klingons. "Hatred is always personal," he told her bleakly.

The familiar, gravelly sound of a throat being cleared brought his narrowed gaze around to the one senior officer to whom he had issued no orders. Odo gazed back with a quizzical expression in his not-quite-human eyes, his eyebrows arched in wordless inquiry. " "I don't know. " Kira snorted without looking up from her communications panel. "The Klingons just declared war on the Federation, Odo. " the Changeling asked dryly. "It's not as if the Victoria Adams was in Federation space when she was attacked.

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