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While New testomony pupil Bart Ehrman released Did Jesus Exist? The ancient Argument for Jesus of Nazareth, he not just tried to end up the historic fact of a guy known as “Jesus of Nazareth,” he sharply criticized students who've sought to increase a brand new paradigm within the examine of Christian origins—scholars who've claimed that Jesus was once a legendary, now not old, determine, and that the conventional, Jesus-centered paradigm for learning the origins of Christianity needs to be changed through a precise technological know-how of Christian origins. within the current quantity, a few of these students reply to Ehrman’s therapy in their learn and findings, displaying how he has both neglected, misunderstood or misrepresented their arguments. They current facts that “Jesus of Nazareth” was once not more ancient than Osiris or Thor. a number of participants query not just the historicity of “Jesus of Nazareth,” they current facts that the positioning of present-day Nazareth used to be now not inhabited on the time Jesus and his kin must have been residing there.

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Sorry to say so. Sorry he says so. Bart Ehrman just cannot bring himself to take Earl Doherty seriously. Why? Alas, the poor fellow lacks credentials. Never mind that his vast erudition is manifest in both depth and breadth. Who is being sophomoric: he who dares to write without ‘proper’ credentials? Or he who takes his stand on his sheepskin? Did Earl Doherty publish his own book? So did Hume. The real question is: did Professor Ehrman bother to read it? If he did read the whole thing, it is quite surprising that he treats it as he does in Did Jesus Exist?

It was not always easy to be sure one understood what the new thinkers were saying, and it was so helpful to see that, say, Bultmann had spotted the same problem I thought I had noticed in Robinson. Okay, then, maybe I was on the right track. I have a whole shelf of books like this. And of course my point is that I like to think of the present book as something of a late member of this genre. As you perused Professor Ehrman’s send-up of our work, did you think you spotted the ad hominem fallacy?

For the scientific establishment to jump on the bandwagon at once would be to jump the gun. Theorists will (or should) be only too happy to submit their theories to exhaustive scrutiny (as Paul is depicted doing in Galatians 2:1–2). Isn’t that the essence of scientific method? You don’t want anyone to take anything by faith. You try to debunk your own theory, because that is the only possible way to see if it’s got what it takes. If it does, we can expect that the new paradigm will eventually receive recognition, just as Copernicus’s and Wegener’s did.

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