Basic Engineering Mathematics, Third Edition by John Bird

By John Bird

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462 kg and the volume is 173 cm3 . Give the answer in units of kg/m3 . 11. Velocity D frequencyðwavelength. 154 m. 12. 6 . 13. 38 each. force ð distance . 73 m in 35 s. 14. Power D 15. The potential difference, V volts, available at battery terminals is given by V D E Ir. 30 16. 24 17. The current I amperes flowing in a number of cells nE . 50 18. The time, t seconds, of oscillation for a simple l . 81 19. Energy, E joules, is given by the formula E D 12 LI2 . 2 5. 7 . 20. c. circuit is given V .

The single term on the left-hand side of the equation, v, is called the subject of the formulae. Provided values are given for all the symbols in a formula except one, the remaining symbol can be made the subject of the formula and may be evaluated by using a calculator. Problem 16. e. V D IR. 76 . Problem 19. The area, A, of a circle is given by A D pr 2 . 23 m. 93 m2 , correct to 2 decimal places. Problem 20. The power P watts dissipated in an elecV2 . 12 . 46 W, correct to 3 significant figures.

Factorize 3x 2 y C 9xy 2 C 6xy 3 b a g] (b) 2x y 2 (7) (2) 9. e. it contains an ‘equals’ sign). An equation is simply a statement that two quantities are equal. For example, 1 m D 1000 mm or F D 95 C C 32 or y D mx C c. An identity is a relationship which is true for all values of the unknown, whereas an equation is only true for particular values of the unknown. For example, 3x 5 D 1 is an equation, since it is only true when x D 2, whereas 3x Á 8x 5x is an identity since it is true for all values of x.

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