Between the Canon and the Messiah: The Structure of Faith in by Colby Dickinson

By Colby Dickinson

Dickinson strains the advance of 2 techniques, the messianic and the canonical, as they movement, interweave and contest one another within the paintings of 3 admired continental philosophers: Walter Benjamin, Jacques Derrida and Giorgio Agamben, even though a robust assisting solid of Jan Assmann, Gershom Scholem, Jacob Taubes and Paul Ricoeur, between others, additionally play their respective roles all through this research. He isolates how their quite a few interactions with their selected phrases displays a great deal of what's acknowledged in the a variety of discourses that represent what we have now with ease labelled, usually in mistakenly monolithic phrases, as 'Theology'.

By narrowing the scope of this research to the dynamics generated traditionally by way of those contrasting phrases, he additionally seeks to figure out what precisely lies on the center of theology's probably so much precious item: the presentation past any illustration, the meant real nucleus of all revelation and what lies at the back of any look for a 'theology of immanence' this day.

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