Beyond Collusion by Lawyers Committee for Human Rights

By Lawyers Committee for Human Rights

Patrick Finucane was once a human rights attorney who received overseas acceptance within the Eighties for representing humans arrested below Northern Ireland's antiterrorism legislation. On February 12, 1989, masked gunmen broke into his Belfast domestic and shot him 14 instances in entrance of his spouse and 3 teenagers. even if the Ulster protection organization, a loyalist paramilitary team, claimed accountability for the killing, robust proof has emerged linking 3 separate U.K. intelligence corporations to the homicide. regardless of this, the result of the legit investigations into the case have remained mostly categorized, and not anyone has ever been effectively prosecuted for the killing. With past Collusion, Human Rights First (formerly attorneys Committee for Human Rights) presents a finished account of the Finucane case.

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Stevens III Brian Nelson served five years in prison. 139 He has not spoken publicly about his experiences, and it is not clear whether the Army continued to pay him after his conviction. 141 Apparently, he did not supply any new information about the role of the FRU in the Finucane murder. 142 Plots,” The Independent, January 23, 1992. 135 See David McKittrick, “Ulster ‘Supergrass’ Gagged by DPP,” The Independent, October 11, 1990. 136 Id. 137 Id. , id. (listing the five as Billy Elliot, Joseph English, Sammy Duddy, Samuel McCormack, and James Spence).

The commander was not arrested, however. In July 1989, three young men were charged with possession of the Browning pistol. At the inquest into Finucane’s killing, the RUC reported that none of these men was involved in the murder. Once recovered, the pistol was supposed to remain in the custody of the Northern Ireland Forensic Laboratory, but there is a deeply troubling postscript to the story of the murder weapon. 162 Incredibly, the Army did not preserve the weapon. 163 The Army had thereby removed (and presumably destroyed) critical evidence in one of the most controversial murders in Northern Ireland’s history, a controversy with the Army firmly at its center.

Ware interviewed Lyttle shortly before his death in October 1995. See infra notes 200-202 and accompanying text. 118 See Insight: Justice on Trial (UTV television broadcast December 4, 2001) [hereinafter: Insight: Justice on Trial] (transcript on file with the Lawyers Committee), at 7. 119 “Time to Come Clean,” supra note 103, at 17. 120 As discussed in Chapter 4, however, an FRU whistleblower claims that the FRU did pass on detailed information concerning the threat to Finucane. See infra notes 190-191 and accompanying text.

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