BGP Design and Implementation by Randy Zhang

By Randy Zhang

In the event you wanna be a grasp in BGP know-how, this publication may be a needs to. It explains in distinctive the BGP know-how and provides a sophisticated point.

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It is semistatic because the route is injected into BGP only when it already exists in the IP routing table. Redistribution of BGP routes into an IGP should be used with only a small subset of the BGP Internet routes or when the number of BGP routes is small. Proper filtering should be deployed during redistribution to minimize the prefix count in the IGP. ” On one hand, various routing sources/protocols such as BGP and IS-IS populate the RIB with their paths. On the other hand, RIB provides information to build the forwarding database (some switching methods use the RIB directly for forwarding).

The final best path is the path with the lowest MED among all the selected paths. This is the recommended configuration if MED is present. • If bgp bestpath med-confed is enabled, MEDs are compared for all paths that consist only of AS_CONFED_SEQUENCE—that is, paths originated within the local confederation. Note that if a path consists of any external autonomous systems, this path is not considered in the comparison, and its MED is passed unchanged inside the confederation. • Paths received with no MED are assigned a metric of 0, unless bgp bestpath missing-as-worst is enabled, in which case they are assigned a value of 4,294,967,294 (the maximum).

The private community uses the format of AS:number, where AS is the local AS number or a peer AS and number is an arbitrary number administered locally or with peers to represent a community grouping to which a policy may be applied. This user-friendly format is enabled by ip bgp-community new-format in global configuration mode. book Page 21 Wednesday, November 12, 2003 5:19 PM Understanding Internal BGP 21 ORIGINATOR_ID ORIGINATOR_ID is used as a loop-prevention mechanism inside an AS when route reflectors (RRs) are deployed.

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