Bionanotechnology II : global prospects by David E. Reisner

By David E. Reisner

''The influence and value of nanotechnology keeps to develop, and nanomedicine and biotechnology became components of elevated improvement. Biomedical engineers who paintings with organic techniques and constructions should have a deeply rooted knowing of the function of bionanotechnology, a quickly evolving quarter of the nanotechnology box. Bionanotechnology II: worldwide customers is a follow-up to the editors highly Read more...

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24 The versatility of this method has been further proved by successful real-time intraoperative SLN mapping in the gastrointestinal tract136 and pulmonary system137 of adult pigs. 139 For studying the anatomy and flow within the lymphatic system, five different QDs with distinct visible-range emissions have been used for in vivo real-time multicolor lymphatic imaging in the neck and axiliary region of mice. 140 QDs have also been used as potent fluorescent angiography contrast agents to passively image the vascular systems of different animal models.

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