Brain Wave (SF master series) by Poul Anderson

By Poul Anderson

A transcendent examine the potential results of better intelligence on our planet.

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They must be beaten before they wish it. " "Time we have little of. Use the drums as I taught you. " "It shall be as you wish. " "Brother of the forest, you have gladdened my heart. " The ape turned and swung lithely up a tree. A stray sunbeam gleamed off the rifle slung at his back. Corinth sighed, yawned, and got up from his desk, shoving the papers away. He did not say anything aloud, but to his assistants, hunched over some testing apparatus, the meaning was clear: (To hell with it. I'm too tired to think straight any more.

On the way, he noticed a machine out in a hayfield: a big enigmatic thing of flashing arms, doing the whole job with a single bored-looking man to guide it. They'd probably build a robot pilot as soon as they could get the materials. So what? He still had two hands. Further along, a patch of woods came down to the edge of the road. He thought he glimpsed something in there, a great gray shape which moved quietly back out of sight, but he couldn't be sure. His calm temperament reasserted itself as he neared the estate, and he settled down to figuring.

Throughout the building the other departments mapped out the altered faces of their own disciplines. Cybernetics, chemistry, biology, above all psychology—men grudged the time for sleep, there was so much to do. The department heads were gathered around a long table in the main conference room. Rossman sat at its end, tall and thin and white-haired, no movement in his austere features. Helga Arnulfsen was at his right and Felix Mandelbaum at his left. For an instant Corinth wondered what the labor organizer was doing here, then realized that he must be representing the emergency city government.

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