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Therefore, each one of our accomplishments constitutes another step forward in our knowledge of space for the sake of all humanity. 64 VISITING OTHER WORLDS SPACE EXPLORATION 65 Human Tracks Neptune Pluto Visited only by Voyager 2, which took photographs in 1989 A ncient astronomers saw faint points of light that seemed to move among the stars. These objects were called planets, and each one of them was given the name of a god. In the 16th and 17th centuries, scientists came to recognize that the planets were physical bodies that revolved around the Sun.

ANTENNA CABLE There is one on each side of the spacecraft. They are deployed after liftoff. 4 km) per second THE VELOCITY REACHED BY THE ULYSSES PROBE TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: ULYSSES Launch date Oct. 2° with respect to the ecliptic Organization NASA and ESA (joint mission) 76 VISITING OTHER WORLDS SPACE EXPLORATION 77 The Road Beyond T he space probes Voyager 1 and 2 were launched by NASA to study the outer solar system. Voyager 1 was launched on Sept. 5, 1977, and flew by Jupiter in 1979 and Saturn in 1980.

Helps to provide a context for the high-resolution images taken by HIRISE and CRISM. MGS Mars Global Surveyor 4,800 pounds (2,180 kg) Temperature rating Down to -390° F of the panels (-200° C) ANTICIPATED VOLUME OF DATA TRANSMISSION Launch rocket Atlas V-401 DS1 (Comets) 15 Gigabytes Mission duration five years (with possible extension) Odyssey (Mars) 1,012 Gigabytes Cost $ 720 million MGS (Mars) Cassini (Saturn) 2,270 pounds (1,031 kg) WEIGHT ON EARTH Magellan (Venus) MRO MGS Odyssey MRO (Mars) 1,759 Gigabytes 30 cm/pixel 2,550 Gigabytes 3,740 Gigabytes 34,816 Gigabytes 150 cm/pixel HIRISE CRISM CTX Type of image taken by the CTX, which helps put into context an image taken by the HIRISE.

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