Building Parsers with Java by Steven John Metsker

By Steven John Metsker

This e-book is for Java builders who are looking to study an easy set of concepts for developing and parsing little languages.The booklet covers the fundamentals of parsing, together with tokenization, easy methods to recogize mathematics, and the way to create your individual common expression languages. Later chapters exhibit how one can create a SQL-like question language, a Prolog-like good judgment language, and a curve plotting language referred to as Sling.

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Let us assume that, at some point, a Minimath composite parser places two numbers on the stack of the assembly it is matching. arithmetic. *; public class MinusAssembler extends Assembler { /** * Pop two numbers from the stack and push the result of * subtracting the top number from the one below it. push(d3); } 48 49 } The only remaining design question is where this assembler belongs. Note from the rules that an expression e is a number followed by one or more occurrences of m. An effective strategy is to associate a NumAssembler with each Num parser, and a MinusAssembler with the m parser.

A parser can have an assembler, which it uses to work on an assembly after the parser matches against the assembly. 13 shows the Assembler class. After a parser matches successfully against an assembly, it calls its assembler's workOn() method. 13. The Assembler class. The Assembler class is abstract, requiring subclasses to implement the workOn() method. 2 Assemblers Work On Assemblies When an assembler's workOn() method is called, the assembler knows that its parser has just completed a match.

A language is always a set of strings, and your language will become a set that includes your sample strings. You can begin to design your parser by writing the rules, or grammar, of your language. ) Your parser will recognize strings that follow the rules of your grammar. Once you have a grammar, you can write the Java code for your parser as a direct translation of the grammar rules. 43 44 The other main aspect of a parser's design is the design of your assemblers. Assemblers let you create a new object when your parser recognizes an input string.

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